Barack Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Thursday night. He also gave an interview to MSNBC. The former president claimed there was “no actual evidence of anything illegal or fraudulent that took place in the election.” He also addressed President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election, saying that “we can always send the Navy SEALs in there to dig him out” of the White House. Well, that’s when voters gave Barack a big reality check.

Barack Obama, Trump supporter (Photo Credit: YouTube/ScreenshotYouTube/Screenshot)

Interviewed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, former president Barack Obama was in rare form. He was as egotistical as ever on the primetime show.

Kimmel prompted Obama’s “Navy SEALs” remark by asking, “Do you feel that when you congratulated Biden and Senator Harris that you were premature in doing that?”

“No,” Obama laughed. “I thought I was right on time. There seems to be some lag … the communications system in the White House used to be better; it was real-time. There’s a lot of computers there that actually tell you what’s going on around the world.”

Kimmel said, “You know the White House well. You lived there for eight years. Are there places someone could hide? Like, if, say, they were going to be removed? Are there little cubby holes or anything that you know about?”

Obama replied, “Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs in there to dig him out.”

Obama was also on MSNBC for a full hour-long interview. 

The former president dismissed suggestions that anything inappropriate had taken place in the presidential election earlier this month. He called those allegations “bald assertions” and took a jab at his successor, President Donald Trump.

“Look, Joe Biden’s going to be the next president of the United States,” he said. “Kamala Harris will be the next vice president. I have been troubled like I think every American, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat or Independent, should be troubled, when you start having attempts to block, negate, overturn the people’s vote when there’s no actual evidence that there was anything illegal or fraudulent taking place.”

Maybe Barack needs to take a look at a recent Rassmussen poll that says 47 percent of voters believe the Democrats likely stole the election. 

Breitbart’s John Nolte reports he refuses to trust most pollsters who are “totally useless liars and propagandists who have gotten three election cycles so horribly and deliberately wrong, only a fool would pay attention to them. Liars. Damned liars.”

“Based on their track recorded — you know, actual merit, I trust IBD/TIPP, Susquehanna, Trafalgar, and Rasmussen… Those are pollsters,” Nolte reports. “Those are polls. And when Rasmussen tells us a whopping 47 percent of likely voters believe the Democrats stole the election, I am confident in passing that along.”

The partisan breakdown is not exactly what I expected with 75 percent of Republicans — 75 percent! — saying it is very (61 percent) or somewhat (14 percent) likely the election was stolen.

Get this… 30 percent of Democrats — Democrats! — say it is very (20 percent) or somewhat (10 percent) likely the election was stolen from Trump.

Americans sounded off on social media. 

“This from the guy who condoned spying on the Trump campaign. Will we have to listen to him flapping his jaw for the next four years? He speaks but says very little,” tweeted Twitter user Don.

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