You can go fk yourself. You know why I don’t need a mask? There’s nothing fking wrong with me.”

‘You’re such a D*CK’: New Jersey Gov. Murphy confronted by ...

Source: RT News

A video has emerged showing protesters crashing New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s family dinner at a local restaurant. The governor has been advocating for families to limit their public outings for the holiday season.

The short clip, purportedly filmed at a restaurant in Asbury Park over the weekend, shows Murphy sharing a meal with at least five other people, apparently his family.

The moment the video starts, none of the group, including Murphy, can be seen wearing masks, which are, however, not mandatory while eating or drinking.

Protesters behind the camera hurl insults at Murphy, calling him “a d**k” and other names. As a member of Murphy’s party asks the female protester if she is drunk and tells her to put a mask on, she retorts: “You can go f**k yourself. You know why I don’t need a mask? There’s nothing f**king wrong with me.”

They are willing to take our election away, and just as well they see mask mandated business who refuse to comply having their livelihood taken away. Not this time, as this viral clip of NY business owners pushing out the Covid police.

As the exchange became heated, Murphy and at least one member of his party could be seen putting masks on. 

While some have responded to the clip by labeling the governor – a staunch proponent of social-distancing measures – a hypocrite, others argued that no policy disagreement warrants intruding on a private dinner party.

Having political differences doesn’t give you a right to do this,” a local reporter wrote.

New Jersey Republican Senator Declan J. O’Scanlon denounced the stunt as “totally out of line and out of bounds,”suggesting that people cut Murphy and those weary of coronavirus restrictions “some slack.”

The governor’s family outing comes several days after he urged residents to stay vigilant when venturing outside, citing a spike in coronavirus cases.

“Don’t go outside your [family] bubble and make sure that’s a small number,” Murphy told CNN on Thursday, when speaking about looming Thanksgiving celebrations.

“That’s the behavior we need right now, not just for next Thursday … but for the next couple of months,” he added. The governor, along with local health officials, have pointed to indoor gatherings as the main source behind the growing number of cases, urging everybody to take responsibility for “bending the curve.”

On Wednesday, Murphy did not rule out police intervention if people don’t comply with a 10-person limit at Thanksgiving parties, but said it would be the last resort.

“They will be there. That is a real threat. But we’ve got to do this ourselves,” he noted.