The Progressive chancellor at the State University of New York has applied this draconian litmus test to all 140,000 students living on campus

Source: National File

In a move more appropriate for a 1960s Soviet gulag than a 21st Century American university, the Chancellor of the State University of New York (SUNY) has issued an edict that would prevent students from leaving campus for Thanksgiving unless they tested negative for the COVID Virus.

140,000 students who attend the State University of New York system will be required to test negative for the COVID virus before they are permitted to leave campus for Thanksgiving break.

Direction issued from the Chancellor’s Office mandated that students self-administer a saliva swab diagnostic test and return that test for processing.

In a statement to reporters, SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras said the policy was enacted to “ensure” that students don’t spread the virus to their families.

CDC guidelines have vacillated over the course of the hysteria over the COVID virus pandemic. Two new studies out of Sweden and Denmark have found the wearing of masks is negligible where the spread of COVID is concerned.

Then there are the growing number of epidemiologists and medical professionals who are endorsing the cultivation of herd immunity while embracing common sense protections for only the vulnerable.

Many SUNY students will finish their semesters before the Thanksgiving break and won’t return to campus until January. Others who have chosen to pursue education elsewhere won’t return at all. This brings up the question: What authority does the SUNY Chancellery have to involuntarily sequester students who test positive of COVID, especially when many among them may be asymptomatic?

Malatras claims that the SUNY system has been “most aggressive” in terms of their response to the COVID pandemic. It appears that SUNY is also aggressive in violating their students’ rights and promoting an aggressive Progressive agenda.

In 2019, a professor at SUNY Brockport argued that the dairy industry’s milk producing process involved the “rape” and “sexual assault” of cows.