Source: Trent Baker

Friday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” radio host Dennis Prager ripped big tech companies like Twitter for their efforts to censor conservative voices on their platforms.

Prager emphasized that Twitter, which has been putting its own fact check on President Donald Trump’s tweets about voter fraud in the 2020 election, “is the worst” at censorship. He added the social media giant is “thuggish” in how it censors doctors and scientists who suggest hydroxychloroquine could be effective in treating the coronavirus.

“Twitter is the worst. Twitter is thuggish,” Prager outlined. “And do you know that Twitter takes down doctors, epidemiologists, other scientists who simply say hydroxychloroquine might work? That is enough to be removed from Twitter, to have your account closed down, if you are a doctor. This is a lie, by the way, like everything else that comes from the left. I never talk about liberals. I’m talking about the left. Truth is not a value to them. They don’t follow the science. They follow scientists with whom they agree. It’s a very important distinction. The left does not follow science. So that if thousands of scientists like the Great Barrington Declaration … said the lockdown is a catastrophe, it’s not even reported. And if you do report it, Twitter will take you down.”