Source: Joe Hoft

One question from the 2020 election is how did states like Georgia, which were behind by a hundred thousand votes on election night, find enough votes after the polls closed to steal the election for Biden.  We have uncovered at least one element in how this was possible. 

We’ve reported for the last few weeks how states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Virginia flipped the election for Biden after they stopped counting, added hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden, and then kept all votes after that period in time at the same ratio of Biden to Trump with Biden always leading at the same percent.

This ‘drop and roll’ scenario was depicted in a video at TGP:

One question is  – how were they able to do this?  Physically, where did they find the votes?

Well, we have found the answer to this in at least one state that we believe may have carried over to the other states stolen for Biden.

The Brennan Center for Justice recommended in late September that states should carry an incredible number of ballots on election day:

To be sufficient, there should be enough emergency and provisional materials to keep voter lines moving for up to three hours while any technical issues can be identified and resolved. In 2020, this will likely require precincts to have enough backup materials for 40 percent of all Election Day voters.

By late October they were recommending more of the same in states like Georgia:

Georgia regulations already require keeping emergency paper ballots on hand as well as configuring polling place scanners to accept both machine-printed ballots and emergency ballots. The regulations mention a bare minimum amount equal to 10 percent of all registered voters. However, this is simply insufficient to cover three hours of voting on Election Day. The lines we saw this week during early voting in Georgia confirm what was already known: November’s elections are likely to see historic turnout.

Backup ballots are necessary, not only in response to machine failures, but also for provisional voting — when voters find themselves in the wrong polling place, or when they’ve requested an absentee ballot but wish to vote in person and a poll manager isn’t available to help. To cover all these scenarios, Georgia election officials should supply Election Day polling places with enough pre-printed ballots — and provisional ballot envelopes — for 40 percent of registered voters. And they should provide at least some backup supplies at early voting sites too.

Come election day the Democrats were getting crushed by President Trump’s historic turnout and massive vote totals.  They had to do something.  So they stopped all counting and brought in hundreds of thousands of ballots for Joe Biden.

We now know where they found enough ballots sitting around that they could use to manufacture these votes for Biden. 

Democrats ensured they would be there before the election.