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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s week from hell continues with the authoritarian Democrat taking heavy fire from multiple directions. 

Not only did Cuomo face a rebellion from multiple New York sheriffs who refused to enforce his draconian Thanksgiving restrictions but he was ripped to shreds as a massive hypocrite when he invited his elderly mother to his own turkey day celebration. 

After facing a major backlash from constituents and the media, the governor had to suffer the public humiliation of disinviting the 89-year-old momma Cuomo over the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ optics problem. 

Then Governor Cuomo was blasted to smithereens by a former top aide in a blistering Thanksgiving Day takedown published in the far-left rag The Nation. 

According to Alexis Grenell who was Cuomo’s deputy director of intergovernmental affairs back when he was only the attorney general, “St. Andrew Of Covid” is a totally incompetent misogynist who has botched the coronavirus response and “deploys staff to call his female critics ‘f*****g idiots.”

Grenell’s op-ed was prompted by Cuomo’s ugly meltdown on a Wall Street Journal reporter who asked him a perfectly legitimate question about school closures at a press briefing last week. 

An ex-aide to Gov. Cuomo tore into the governor’s fit of pique at a news conference earlier this month — calling him a “snarling attack dog” and mocking his popularity after TV news briefings in the spring when COVID-19 was ravaging New York.

In a biting rebuke posted by the Nation, Alexis Grenell, a Democratic political strategist who used to work for Cuomo when he was New York’s attorney general, said in the wake of a Cuomo’s Emmy award for his COVID-19 briefings that attracted viewers around the country, “St. Andrew, our savior of the spring, is now milking his 15 minutes of fame for an extra 30.”

Grenell lashed into Cuomo for calling a pair of journalists at a Nov. 18 news conference “obnoxious” for asking about New York City’s parents’ confusion about school closures as the coronavirus positivity rate was climbing.

The reporter pressed on: “I’m confused. Parents are still confused as well.”

“They’re not confused,” Cuomo replied, telling a Wall Street Journal writer, “You’re confused! Read the law, and they won’t be confused.” He then snapped at another reporter’s agreement that he too was confused with “I don’t really care what you think. Of course you agree with him, because you’re in the same business with him.”

The bitter exchange was “the Andrew Cuomo New Yorkers know and mostly tolerate, the snarling attack dog…,”Grenell wrote.

Cuomo has been made into a false idol by a corrupt media for his handling of COVID that has given him a pass for his disastrous response including complicity in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of nursing home residents after infected patients were introduced into the population. 

More from Grenell’s epic scourging of the bullying strongman entitled “The Collapse Of The Cuomosexual”:

It all boils down to this: Any dissent is a partisan attack on our very lives, and Andrew Cuomo is our only hope. To solidify the narrative, he’s even written a self-congratulatory book at what he calls “half-time” in the crisis. Kind of like how every coach puts out a press release mid-game and Winston Churchill wrote the history of World War II in 1943. Oh, wait…

Indeed, St. Andrew, our savior of the spring, is now milking his 15 minutes of fame for an extra 30. That’s the problem with local reporters, who aren’t your sycophantic brother or the rest of the national media; they’re not here to powder your image. Say what you will about de Blasio, but he sits for twice-weekly interviews with Errol Louis on NY1 and Brian Lehrer on WNYC. New Yorkers know where to tune in to see their mayor submit to regular scrutiny and call in to ask direct questions. 

Cuomo’s desperately curated image is more than half the reason he’s the dominant player over the mayor, but he still can’t seem to keep his vanity in check. The book is an undignified victory lap by the facts-first persona that won him legitimate praise to begin with, underscoring the point that for Cuomo it was always more about presentation than substance. 


Thanks to Grenell’s bunker-buster along with Cuomo’s own bombastic and petty overreach, a bit of the shine has been taken off of that international Emmy award that he just received.