Source: Joe Hoft

This guy is just plain weird.  Gabriel Sterling somehow wormed his way into the election process in Georgia and as colossal corruption is being uncovered, he claims it’s normal.

Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out to Gabriel Sterling and asked if he indeed had a state of Georgia email address:

We then reported on Gabriel Sterling when it was observed in the letter referred to by Wood that his name was associated with a non-state email address – a gmail address.  We learned years ago (i.e. Hillary Clinton)  that when someone uses a nongovernmental email account to do business, they probably are participating in activities that they don’t want the government to know about.

Oh, and this account was involved in an $11 million grant to the state of Georgia that we believe needs auditing:

Then a couple days ago we reported that Sterling went on a rampage saying there was no corruption in Georgia while belittling Americans and Trump voters for thinking there was in an attempt to shift the focus away from him and Georgia (really who is this guy?):

Unfortunately for Sterling, we can’t even keep up with the amount of corruption in Georgia related to this year’s election. Yesterday for example, a video was unearthed by the Trump team showing Democrat counters in Atlanta pulling out suitcases full of ballots and counting them after sending Republicans home due to a falsely reported water main break (um, this is against the law Mr. Sterling).

But Sterling still wants to call it all a lie.  He claims there was no corruption in this year’s election and he shares another totally bogus ‘fact check’ from Lead Stories as in his Facebook page as support that this is all normal:

This guy is a clown show – how did he get there – what is he hiding – and why is he still there?