“Call a legislative hearing with subpoena power TODAY!”

Source: National File

Dr Kelli Ward, the Arizona GOP Chair, has called for an immediate legislative hearing with subpoena power to investigate voter fraud in the election.

Ward made the call following a press release from Arizona legislative leaders demanding an immediate forensic audit into the Dominion Voting machines used by Maricopa County, the only county that flipped from Biden to Trump according to provisional votes.

Speaking exclusively to National File, Ward said that it was a “great press release,” but now there must be an “official legislative hearing [called] to get this done.” As Arizona GOP Chair, Ward continued the calls for the legislative hearing on her Twitter. “Call a legislative hearing with subpoena power TODAY!!” Ward tweeted.

Ward was joined by Representative Paul Gosar, who described the audit as a “good start, if not a few weeks late.” Gosar said that there should also be a “special session to evaluate the election process and reinstate Election Day and eliminate mail voting,” allowing with institutiong “strict ID requirements and 60 day Pre registration so clerk has time to verify.”

As National File reported, the call for the audit of Dominion Software came from Senate President Karen Fann and Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, along with the incoming Senate Government Chair Michelle Ugenti-Rita and House Majority Leader Warren Petersen.

Fann and Bowers, in their current positions, are the ones who have the powers to call a full legislative hearing, something Ward made clear on her Twitter. “Be proud when leadership (Fann or Bowers) calls a FULL hearing,” Ward said in response to Arizona State Senator-Elect Wendy Rogers praising the call for the audit. “A legislative hearing does NOT interfere with any legal cases happening now. #DoYourJob, legislature!”

The hearing that took place in Arizona last week featuring Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, was not a full, official legislative hearing. A full hearing would include the power to subpoena anyone to speak, and would also require witnesses and participants to swear under oath during the proceedings. This would be a major step to take towards a significant investigation into the irregularities that occurred during this election.

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As National File reported, Ward and the Arizona GOP were given access to a sample of 100 reduplicated ballots by a judge to check for irrregularities:

In the 100 vote batch, two votes were discovered that were of concern. Arizona GOP lawyer Jack Wilenchik wrote in a court filing that one original ballot contained “was clearly a vote for Trump,” but the “duplicate ballot switched the vote to Biden,” while a second Trump vote was completely discarded, due to the duplicate ballot also including a “blank” vote for a write-in presidential candidate.

“Thank goodness that Judge Warner said he wanted to err on the side of transparency and let us look at these,” [Arizona GOP Chair Kelli] Ward said in a video released to Twitter. “Those media propagandists who say there is no evidence of fraud can now shut up.”