President Trump presented hard evidence of voter fraud at tonight’s rally

Source: National File

“Dominion is a joke,” President Trump told a massive crowd of supporters gathered in Valdosta, Georgia Saturday evening, before teeing up a segment from Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield featuring now-infamous footage of Atlanta vote counters tallying suitcases full of ballots hidden beneath a table in the middle of the night.

“It’s a disgrace that in 2020 no state in America even makes any real attempt to verify that those who cast ballots by mail are eligible and lawfully registered voters. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming,” Trump told the crowd.

“And again, I’m going to ask you to look up at that very, very powerful and very expensive screen. I do this for few people,” said Trump. “Let’s go!”

As all eyes turned towards a jumbotron style screen positioned behind the stage, the Stinchfield segment rolled, drilling down on a caught-on-video ballot-stuffing operation conducted by Atlanta election officials and previously reported on by National File.

In the video, election workers can be seen pulling suitcases full of ballots from beneath a table and conducting the vote count in secret, after the facility had been cleared of workers, observers, and media members alike.

According to election officials and night-of media reports, the facility was cleared due to a “burst pipe,” causing the vote count to be delayed until the following day. As time has gone on and that story has been called into question and it appears there may have never been a burst pipe at all, though some say a toilet was leaking somewhere in the arena.

“With no observers, with no media, hidden cases of possible ballots are rolled out from under a table,” Stinchfield can be heard saying on screen. “Four people, under a cloud of suspicion, begin what looks an awful lot like ballot-stuffing.”

On December 4th, National File’s Andrew White reported that the election worker responsible for delivering the suitcases to the State Farm Arena was identified by National File as Shaye Moss, the daughter of vote counter Ruby Freeman, who was also identified as an involved party in the suitcase scheme. Additionally, the mother-daughter duo was caught on tape handing off and concealing a USB drive during the vote-counting process and appears to have been heavily involved in nefarious operations within the State Farm Arena.

“In a video that recently surfaced on Twitter, Freeman’s daughter can be seen with green and white spray cans containing an unknown substance. Freeman is seen sitting across from her, wearing blue gloves. The video then zooms in as Freeman hands her daughter what appears to be a USB drive, which Freeman’s daughter conceals as she gets up and walks away.

In another video posted to Twitter, Freeman reveals an office containing boxes of mail-in ballots as she hushes her viewers. She then sits down at a desk and is given the ballots to ‘work’ on by a man which Freeman calls ‘Dion.’ Freeman says ‘Now I’m back at work, so give me some work.’ At the end of the video Freeman says ‘Y’all see all this I got here? I got through all this and all these absentee ballots.’”Akin to the Freeman-Moss family’s USB handoff, a video shot inside an election department facility in nearby Gwinnett County and reported on by National File shows a Dominion worker allegedly manipulating voter data. In the video, a man identified as a Dominion Voting Systems representative can be seen downloading data from an election management server, inserting a USB drive into a laptop to allegedly manipulate the data, and then making off with the drive.