Now that Wisconsin has certified the 2020 General Election for Joe Biden, Wisconsin decides they should investigate vote fraud and ballot tampering allegations

Source: National File

The act of certifying an election is the act of attesting to the validity and truthfulness of the information reported as the results of the election. Wisconsin’s decision to investigate vote fraud and ballot tampering allegations after having certified the election results is leaving may scratching their heads.

Wisconsin lawmakers announced this week they will hold a public hearing on the plethora of complaints alleging election irregularities including vote fraud, ballot tampering, illegal processing, and inappropriate regimens.

The Wisconsin State Assembly’s Committee on Campaigns & Elections hearing is slated to take place on December 11, 2020. State Rep. Ron Tusler (R), who chairs the committee, said the hearings will take place at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Tusler said the committee will investigate the “numerous irregularities” with the 2020 general election. “The goal of the ongoing investigation is transparency,” he said. “Wisconsin voters deserve fair and accurately counted elections. I want you to know that their vote counted.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R), said the hearing demonstrate that Wisconsin lawmakers are, in fact, proceeding with an investigation into the many charges of vote fraud and ballot tampering given numerous reports that were brought forth.

“We must ensure that every legal vote was counted and begin working to eliminate questionable practices that undermine the integrity of the vote,” he said in a statement.

Vos tweeted that state lawmakers had to wait for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule on a lawsuit filed by President Trump’s legal team that challenged the election results. It was unclear why the state sought to certify the election results while multiple pieces of litigation are still pending.

The Trump campaign legal team filed a separate lawsuit last week, charging “unlawful and unconstitutional” actions occurred during several phases of the election and election tabulation process. It asked that the Wisconsin Supreme Court forward the matter to the state legislature.

State election officials – separate from the Wisconsin State Legislature – certified last week that they were officially recognizing Biden as the winner.