Battle of the monuments.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Activists in Vienna, Austria covered up a Black Lives Matter statue with a memorial for victims of Islamic terror attacks.

“Activists in Vienna covered a BLM statue in the city with a memorial for European women and children killed in terror attacks during the past few years, from Paris 2015, Stockholm and London 2017 and Vienna 2020. We remember them, WLM!” states the tweet accompanying the video.

The clip shows activists clad in red and white masks erecting 10 foot billboards bearing the names and likeness of the victims and using them to cover up the BLM monument.

The bottom of the billboards also spells out the words “White Lives Matter”.

Given that leftists and the media have openly excused the removal of statues by mobs of rioters in major western countries over the last 6 months, they can have no legitimate complaints about this.

On November 2nd, an Islamic terrorist opened fire in Vienna, killing four and injuring 23 others.

The perpetrator, 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzullai, had sworn allegiance to ISIS and had previously been arrested trying to enter Syria to fight alongside the jihadist group.