Source: Madhava Setty, MD

In Brief

  • The Facts:A readily available, inexpensive medication has been shown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but is being ignored by the CDC and NIH. They instead continue to support the use of an untested mRNA vaccine.
  • Reflect On:Given the severity of the pandemic and what is at stake, why do these institutions have such a narrow focus at this time? How can we bring awareness to what may be happening?

As Covid-19 infection and death rates continue their climb, public opinion is consolidating around our health agencies’ guidance and directives. Resolution of the pandemic could be around the corner given the recent announcements around their initial observations of volunteers in Pfizer and Moderna Phase III trials of their novel vaccine based on an mRNA (messenger RNA) platform. Both vaccine manufacturers claim an initial 90-95% efficacy rate of their experimental vaccines.