Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:Canada has announced the creation of a vaccine injury compensation program ahead of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The program applies to all Health Canada approved vaccines and will provide compensation to those injured from vaccines.
  • Reflect On:Should vaccines really be a liability free product? How many people are injured from vaccines every year in each country? Are there appropriate systems in place to keep track? Can vaccine mandates really be justified? Should freedom of choice remain?

What Happened: The Canadian government has announced that it’s implementing a pan-Canadian no-fault vaccine injury support program for all Health Canada approved vaccines. According to the government, the program “will ensure that all Canadians have to have fair access to support in the rare event that they experience an adverse reaction to a vaccine. This program will also bring Canada in line with its G7 counterparts with similar programs, and ensure the country remains competitive in accessing new vaccines as they become available.”

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