Source: Cristina Laila

The Electoral College is meeting today to formalize the 2020 election results.

The Trump campaign is contesting election results in several states due to massive voter fraud and irregularities so Republican Electors are stepping up and casting procedural votes to preserve the legal challenges.

Crooked Secretaries of State in Georgia and Pennsylvania certified false election results in favor of Joe Biden.

Republican Electors in Georgia and Pennsylvania on Monday cast procedural votes for President and Vice President to preserve the Trump campaign’s legal challenges.

Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer said, “Because the President’s lawsuit contesting the Georgia election is still pending, the Republican nominees for Presidential Elector met today at noon at the State Capitol today and cast their votes for President and Vice President.”

“Had we not meet today and cast our votes, the President’s pending election contest would have been effectively mooted. Our action today preserves his rights under Georgia law.”

Likewise Republican electors in Pennsylvania cast procedural votes for Trump and Pence.