Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:In November of 1977, a news broadcast airing in multiple parts of the England was “hacked” and interrupted with a supposed message from an extraterrestrial. How this was done, or by who, still remains a mystery, but it did indeed happen.
  • Reflect On:A there concepts about our reality we have trouble exploring simply because it conflicts with what we’ve been made to believe for so many years? Why are some possibilities instantaneously rejected by us and hard for our mind to entertain?

What Happened:  On November 26th 1977 there was a broadcast (Television) interruption in parts of South, South-east and South-west England. Southern Television was the licence holder for the service, and it was headquartered in Southampton and Dover and broadcast from the transmitters and Dover, Bluebell Hill and Hannington, among others.

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