Attending Physician cites COG protocol regarding mass inoculation of key officials.

Shadow government senses power vacuum amid election fraud chaos.

Source: Adan Salazar

A letter from the Office of the Attending Physician cited “Continuity of Government” protocol as it urged key members of the federal government to receive the new Covid-19 vaccine.

Under the subject line, “Availability of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID19 Vaccine for US Congress Continuity of Government Purpose,” a Dec. 17 email from Attending Physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan recommended all Members of Congress, SCOTUS Justices, and Executive Branch members and staff take the shot.

“I have been notified by the National Security Council that consistent with Presidential Policy Directive 40 (2016), Congress and the Supreme Court, along with Executive Branch agencies, will be provided with a specific number of COVID19 vaccine doses to meet long-standing requirements for continuity of government operations,” the letter states.

“My recommendation to you is absolutely unequivocal: there is no reason why you should defer receiving this vaccine. The benefit far exceeds any small risk,” Monahan says.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also mentioned COG and White House vaccine access at a press briefing on Wednesday, a day ahead of Monahan’s letter.

The President’s tweet indicated that the White House should receive it at a later date to, again, prioritize the most vulnerable,” McEnany stated. “But some career staff — national security staff, for the purposes of continuity of government, will have access, in addition to a very small group of senior administration officials for the purpose of instilling public confidence.”

Since then, a spate of high profile US politicians have publicized their vaccinations citing “Continuity of Government” as the reason for their special access.

VP Mike Pence and his wife also made a public display of receiving the vaccine, though a press release from the Vice President’s office did not note it was for COG purposes.

“No, they haven’t,” Pelosi said, adding, “But that is an ongoing, not with the White House but with the military, quite frankly, in terms of the — some officials in the government.”

The Continuity of Government protocol is a mostly classified process by which the federal government can maintain control over essential functions in the event of nuclear war, natural disaster or other catastrophe that affects high level government officials.

Discussion of COG was famously suppressed during joint congressional hearings into the Iran-Contra affair in 1987, when Lt. Col. Oliver North was questioned about his work in COG.

“Colonel North, in your work at the N.S.C. were you not assigned, at one time, to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster?” Rep. Jack Brooks (D-TX) asked.

Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) responded, “I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area so may I request that you not touch upon that?”

Rep. Brooks replied he’d heard COG would suspend the Constitution:

I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman, because I read in Miami papers, and several others, that there had been a plan developed, by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of emergency, that would suspend the American constitution. And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was an area in which he had worked. I believe that it was and I wanted to get his confirmation.”

Little is known publicly about the secret Presidential Policy Directive 40 on National Continuity Policy cited by Dr. Monahan that was signed by President Barack Obama on July 15, 2016.

USA Today revealed the Executive Order’s existence in an Oct. 2016 article:

Obama’s executive order also made public for the first time the existence of a previously unknown secret policy directive he signed on July 15. Presidential Policy Directive 40 established a new national continuity policy that defined the “national essential functions” of the federal government. Such directives, known as PPDs, are an often secret form of executive order in the realm of national security.

Is the Deep State finalizing its coup via its covert COG directives, or can the Trump administration maneuver the COG process to its advantage?