EP | 74 2020 US Election Integrity: Is Voter Fraud Real ...

Source: R.D. Wedge

Chief Justice Roberts’s Supreme Court is manifestly reluctant to fulfill its statutory responsibilities, despite overwhelming, and steadily accruing, evidence of significant fraud that the election outcome. However, in 2018, President Trump may have prepared a time bomb that can still save the day.

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, filed a complaint asserting that election fraud disenfranchised Texas voters. Texas voting was done within the framework of the U.S. Constitution and battleground states strayed beyond legal boundaries, to put it mildly. The legal votes of Texans were nullified by the alleged fraudulent votes of those states.

Article III, section 2, of the Constitution states in relevant part, the Supreme Court “[J]udicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity . . . to Controversies between two or more states. . . .” (Emphasis added.)  Nevertheless, the Supreme Court has denied the Texas lawsuit challenging the election outcome in battleground states, asserting “lack of standing.”

Justices Alito and Thomas dissented from the majority opinion and wanted to hear the case. Alito wrote, “In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of the bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint, but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.”

Reading between the lines, Texas has standing under the Constitution. Hearing the complaint’s merits is warranted based upon the clearly expressed text. Further, SCOTUS could wisely have avoided picking winners and losers by disqualifying the election based upon malfeasance, which defers the matter to Congress as the Constitution mandates.

The only thing missing from their judgment is courage. To say that this is a disappointment would be an understatement.

The issue of election fraud is not new. The Heritage Foundation’s database on this issue shows 1,302 “proven instances of voter fraud” as of this writing. In 2020, issues of the deceased voting, non-citizens voting, and 120% of registered voter participation in certain counties are just a few examples of election corruption.

The convoluted nature of this election is by design. The progressive ruling class, under the guise of the coronavirus, flooded the country with unsolicited mail-in ballots. What could possibly go wrong?

There are times when the ruling classes show their hand. Remember when Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Corporate media and Big Tech cover for these people all day long.

Crosscurrents of arrogance, power, and intimidation are at play here. If this corruption were to go unresolved, we would never have a free and fair election again. But, the American Spirit in pursuit of the truth, wherever the facts lead, is shining a light on this mischief.

Forensic Audit of Dominion Machines

The results of a forensic audit of Dominion tabulators in Antrim, Michigan have been released. This is the Republican stronghold that gave Biden a win by a few thousand votes. The 6,000 vote “glitch” was rectified, but further illustrates what appears to be a trend.

Proprietary coding has been redacted but the merits of the substance remain. According to the Washington Examiner, Allied Security Operations Group conducted the analysis. A synopsis of their findings is as follows:

  1. Dominion machines are intentionally designed to create fraud
  2. They are designed to manipulate data with no oversight
  3. Eliminating transparency is part of their signature
  4. They were intentionally designed to eliminate an audit trail
  5. The observable error rate is 68.05% when the Federal Election Comm. standard is 0.0008%
  6. Republican Clerk did not update software, exacerbating the situation
  7. Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan

Audit bottom line: Michigan’s election should not be certified.

Technology and Foreign Interference

Col. Philip Waldron (US Army Retired) has a 30-year career as an intelligence officer, specializing in cybersecurity relating to election fraud. He reflects the best and brightest of experts in systems analysis. As part of the White House team, he’s been looking into election trends and irregularities since August of 2020.

Our voting system is not supposed to be internet accessible, but he has confirmed that it is. He has identified a dozen different ways these voting machines can be hacked. He says that a top level DEF CON (Defense Readiness Condition: an alert system for national defense) hacker can hack this system in “less than two minutes.”

In his testimony, which is publicly available, he states, “The voting systems in the U.S. and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated.” He also states that election equipment like Dominion, ES&S, and many other systems all have similar codes and functions that are compatible with Smartmatic voting software. This would make it easy for a systems analyst or hacker to manipulate votes across multiple platforms and states.

The colonel testified that he personally witnessed a data transfer from a Dominion machine to Frankfurt, Germany, on November 3rd . . . Election Day!

Additional foreign involvement has been confirmed by the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. He told CBS that China, Iran, and Russia had interfered with our election in November. His forthcoming report is in progress.

What we know, in such a short period of time, may be just the tip of the iceberg. Much needs to be unpacked and revealed.

It is this foreign involvement that sets the table for an ingenious move by the President.

The Trump Card

On September 12, 2018, President Trump issued an Executive Order that got little attention back then. Due to the toxic political environment, with adversaries both foreign and domestic, the president proactively put “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” in play.

It states in relevant part:

In recent years, the proliferation of digital devices and internet-based communications has created significant vulnerabilities and magnified the scope and intensity of the threat of foreign interference, as illustrated in the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

Under this EO, the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is instructed to conduct an assessment of the threat within 45 days from the conclusion of the US Election. As one would imagine, this report requires specificity including means, methods, and principals involved.

Under the premise of a national emergency, the government is empowered to freeze bank accounts, impound voting machines, seize assets, etc. There is also language that targets those who would undermine public confidence via “covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.” Corporate Media & Big Tech, hopefully, some Karma coming your way.

Ratcliffe has been working behind the scenes for the past month on this report. He now says that he will not meet the December 18, 2020 deadline because his work is incomplete. The date for congress to certify the election is January 6.

Ratcliffe should lean on the investigators to complete the report ASAP, without any Deep State delays. The health and future of American elections are at stake.