Scientists, MPs Ask 'Where Is Evidence Of 70% More Contagious Mutant COVID?'

Source: Tyler Durden

Given the “plunge” in stocks (Nasdaq is down less than 1%) and headlines blaring of COVID “mutations”, @KizzyPhd decided to ‘clarify’ some science before all hell breaks loose (which judging by the London exodus, it already did) for no good reason. She begins…

@KizzyPhD offers some context:

You are going to read and hear about a million and one variant viruses, because viruses mutate by nature. It’s scary, I know. But, a couple of amino acids is not the same a whole whole new virus strain in the way that we’ve been taught to think about flu. 

What is happening, often times, is selective pressure. As the virus transmits it learns how to be better at transmitting. This is why you hear “circulating faster than last variant”… 

But, don’t get in a panic over it. There will take a large amount of genetic diversity to completely make the current vaccines useless… And, here is why: 

Unlike monoclonal antibody therapies, vaccines (especially those using the whole spike protein) make polyclonal antibody responses. This means that the antibodies your vaccinated body will make will be able to bind the coronavirus spike in multiple places… not just one. 

Remember in April when media had y’all scared over a mutation…

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