When we finally reached Pence’s Chief of Staff, the phone call lasted 17 seconds

Source: National File

Vice President Mike Pence’s team has refused several requests for comment from National File, and ultimately hung up on our Editor-in-Chief, as the midnight deadline for the #PenceCard looms.

National File on Tuesday revealed the existence of the White House memo, now known as the #PenceCard, which details the ability and duty of Vice President Mike Pence to reject Electoral College votes from states that ran illegitimate elections that contained rampant voter fraud.

President Trump even retweeted the memo from constitutional lawyer Ivan Raiklin, suggesting that the President was behind the move. However, Pence has only until the fourth Wednesday in November, the 23rd this year, to unilaterally reject the votes.

National File reporters Patrick Howley and Jack Hadfield attemped to get in touch with Team Pence, including the Vice President’s Press Secretary, Devin O’Malley, and his Chief of Staff, Marc Short, asking for comment on the #PenceCard. Calls from both reporters went unanswered.

Tom Pappert, National File’s Editor-in-Chief, eventually managed to get in touch with Short. However, the phone call with Short lasted a mere 17 seconds, with Pappert not even managing to finish his sentence before Short hung up the phone, rejecting comment.

National File reported on Wednesday that Vice President Pence spent only 24 seconds of his 30 minute speech at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit in Florida discussing election integrity, with each instance being couched in an encouragement for Republicans to “hold the line” in the Senate regarding the Georgia special elections on January 5th.

Pence currently plans to leave the country following the joint session of Congress on January 6th, when the Electoral College votes will be ratified or challenged, and take a trip to Israel, Poland, and Bahrain, among other possible countries.

At the time of writing, Pence has less than an hour to activate the #PenceCard.