The left wants Americans to have a blue Christmas

Source: Kelen McBreen

During a Christmas Eve interview with CNN, Dr. Andrew Pastewski somberly told Americans “Christmas should not be fun this year.”

“It’s Christmas Eve… People want to celebrate and they want to find joy somewhere. What’s your message to Americans this morning based on what you see and what you hope to see in the coming year?” a CNN anchor asked the doctor.

“Christmas should not be fun this year, okay, this should be part of the negative 2020 we’ve had,” the defeatist doctor said. “We should see the hope of New Year’s, of 2021, that the vaccine is here. We are getting it, let’s stay diligent, get the vaccine and move forward to a 2021 where we don’t have to wear masks and we can all be safe and start to return to a normal life. It just requires a little more work, a little more mask wearing, a little more not seeing the older people and we’ll get there.”

Meanwhile, the CDC says they are going to continue suggesting masks “until every person in the U.S. can get a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Everyone knows it would be impossible to vaccinate everybody in the country, even with a national mandate, so does that mean the CDC will never “allow” Americans to show their faces in public again?

These pessimistic messages have become the norm in left-wing politics, as mainstream media’s COVID fear campaign demands negativity at all times.