Source: Joe Hoft

The United Kingdom and the European Union announced that after years of negotiations they finally have reached a ‘good’ deal.

Breitbart reported last night:

The Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union concluded on Thursday, Christmas Eve, with the EU’s Ursula von der Leyen calling a press conference and boasting the EU got a “good deal” out of the years of negotiations.

Update: Boris Speaks

Speaking from Downing Street on Christmas Eve, Prime Minister Johnson announced the agreement of what he terms a “comprehensive, Canada-style free-trade deal” — an agreement that Mr Johnson has been seeking since the beginning of negotiations, which the European Union had said was impossible to strike.

“I’m very pleased to tell you that we have completed the biggest trade deal yet, worth £660 billion a year,” he said, continuing that the deal would protect British jobs by allowing “UK goods to be sold without tariffs and without quotas in the EU market, which will if anything allow our companies to do even more business with our European friends.”

Mr Johnson implied that the deal, which he said was 500 pages long — not 2,000 as previously claimed — and which as yet must be passed in the House of Commons, fulfils completely the June 23rd, 2016 vote to leave the European Union.

Nigel Farage announced that the deal was not perfect but the “War is Over”: