Can A Homeless Beggar Save The Republic? - American Thinker

Source: Andrew Longman

It is in every American’s best interest to avoid secession and keep our federation of states together. However, that doesn’t mean that the federal government is the vehicle for exposing and punishing the massive election fraud that took place in 2020. Instead, this fraud is a local problem and it may be the homeless on the street who are our best hope for proving that fraud.

In my last column, I noted secession of some American states from the Union was the Communist Chinese goal, preceding a communist take-over. Rejecting secession, or a hot-shooting civil war, as possible remedies to America’s current problems, we turn now to ask, “What now?”

President Lincoln, above all other goals, aspired to preserve the Union. History has vindicated Lincoln – he did not and would not accept two nations, shards from the shattering. He fought to preserve the USA altogether, and it became the world’s unquestioned greatest power. Let’s not forget what the Union produces – the greatest prosperity, peace, and freedom the world has ever seen. You don’t get that from the divided, the conquered.

But if maintaining Union is required, how shall we answer the evils of 2020 that poured over us like molten metal from an upended forge? The answer to 2020’s outrages is Constitutionalism. To save the constitution, you must utilize its tremendous powers.

We have a Constitution. It works. Let’s use it.

Over the next two and four years, there need to be very serious criminal investigations at the state level into voter fraud (State’s Rights!). It is the State that is the sovereign entity. I am not proposing federal investigations. While it would be nice to believe that the federal government would successfully prosecute vote fraud, I think we have all seen the problems that the apparatchiks among the federales have in prosecuting even Chinese spies sleeping with the Intel committee. If they can’t even do that, do you really think they’ll grasp ballot box stuffing in Detroit?

Many states and a large number of counties, legislatures, municipalities are clearly in the hands of the good people. Do not talk down the country by indulging in the emotionally hyperbolic claim that “It is all corrupt.” That’s a lie. That may feel self-validating, but it is counterproductive when it comes to helping the adults fix the problems. The main problem with state-level authorities is that, as a habit, they usually look to higher-authorities to do anything significant. 

That’s what 2020 requires us to change.

It is time for the state level, city level, county level prosecutors to investigate and prosecute election fraud. Let’s not hear any whining about some federal crime being out of our jurisdiction. The state, in the USA, is the sovereign entity.

The entire Republic is at stake here. We know there are multiple state-level ballot crimes that were committed in this election. There should be an army of local prosecutors willing to lend a helping hand to a state-level prosecutor in pursuing vote-fraud charges, according to state law.

If we prosecute as many criminals as there were fake ballots and throw some mid-level-managers in prison, there will be a great awakening among the criminal class. We don’t need federal authorities to do this. If one state is corrupt and won’t act, there are 49 more chances. Do you think they committed fraud in only four places?

At the county level, the miscreants – say some paid-off drug addict who put 500 fake ballots in the box – are loyal only to their stomachs. They did their crime for sugar. Squeeze them, and they will sing. These guys are not the mob. They are homeless, paid in McDonald’s gift certificates. They will not only sing for a trip to Denny’s, they will do it in harmony.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano, a major mob boss in the 1920s, was taken down when prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey convinced 68 prostitutes to testify. That bust took out 80 brothels. Closing eighty brothels looks like an operation so massive that it’s untouchable. However, that perception depends on the public, the individual, and the government all believing that an individual prostitute is nothing.  

When someone decides that this individual hooker is a somebody – a person, a human being – then the entire house of cards collapses. That hooker at the bottom, who was bribed, beat up, beaten down, taken for a ride – that person did what he or she did before that person’s humanity came to be recognized. Within local jurisdictions, the pitch to these beaten-down people must be a little bit of personhood and a little bit of charity and provision. With that, suddenly there’s a star witness for vote fraud against Joe Biden.

And Thomas Dewey? He ended up the governor of New York.

The Republic, my fellow Americans, hangs on a McDonald’s gift certificate in the right hands.

Are you the smart guy or the stupid guy?

The Democrats, the socialists, and the communists are convinced you are the stupid guy who will do nothing. They think your country can be taken from you by paying off legions of homeless to stuff ballot boxes. The con rests on the belief that federal power is the only redress. They think the state level prosecutors are not bold enough to stand up.

But when the feds do nothing, pound the state. When the state does nothing, go to the county. When the county does nothing, go to the county next door. There are fifty states and thousands of counties. We know for a fact that the main fraud focused on just a handful of counties. But was that all of it?

Of course not. When you are doing a big fraud operation like this, you’ll have the places where they hit big. But they still must make it “look good” elsewhere. They need backup plans. There will be other places where Trump won, but where Biden’s vote totals were still inflated. Those areas are currently avoiding scrutiny, so the evil people will have their guard down. The trick is to find those counties with fraud, but no infamy.

Then find that homeless guy at the bottom in that county and treat him like a human being.  Take him to lunch. Listen to his story. Find out what the payoff was. Get him a change of clothes and a hot meal. Figure out what he needs and why he took the bribe. He is probably just as willing to serve you as he was willing to serve the communist who paid him off.

It all comes back to what Jesus told you to do. Go find, “the least of these, my brethren”.

In them is the answer. 

And in them is the salvation of the Republic.