Source: Joe Hoft

Of course, Dominion is related to Smartmatic and Sequoia machines. 

Why are they denying this?

A thread on Twitter shows all the relationships with Dominion and Smartmatic/Sequoia:

The Fake News loves to say there is no connection between Smartmatic/Sequoia & Dominion voting machines.

In 2010 Dominion executive Eric Coomer attended a meeting with the California Secretary of State. He was there working for Sequoia –

Of course, someone is not being quite honest.

Executive Eric Coomer created the adjudication process in Dominion machines which could move votes from one candidate to another:

If these people will lie about these things then what else are they lying about?

This is very disturbing.  They should be happy and willing to testify — not lashing out at anyone who calls them out!