The Democrat talking points never cease from America’s propaganda networks.

Source: CQ Livingston

Millions of unemployed Americans will receive less money as a result of the President not signing the spending bill Congress sent to him. But as mainstream media, everyone on the left, and many on the right put this squarely on the President’s shoulders, they’re all avoiding the biggest point. The spending bill was a huge dud for the American people and a boon for foreign interests.

Nevertheless, the masses will likely buy into the false narrative that President Trump is to blame. That point is being hammered by every news network. Even right-leaning Real America’s Voice republished an article from VOANews that abdicates responsibility from Congress and pretends like the debacle of a spending bill must be signed or people will suffer.

Congress controls America’s purse strings. Unemployment benefits fall directly on them, and when the President doesn’t sign a massive bill that includes those benefits, it’s incumbent on Congress to act. They could easily separate out benefits and even the much-lauded “stimulus” checks while they debate the other less pressing issues. Instead, they’re trying to shove it all down American taxpayers’ throats and blaming the President for their failures.

Let this be a lesson in bad governance. It’s standard operating procedure for The Swamp to sneak in their pet projects and lobbyist pork behind crucial economic measures. And when anyone, such as the President, balks at their devious intentions, they explode with unrighteous outrage because their feet are being held to the fire.

If they sent President Trump a standalone bill to extend higher unemployment benefits, he would sign it in a heartbeat. Instead, they are holding Americans’ paychecks hostage because they’re getting cover from mainstream media.