These “conservatives” are bowing to the oligarchs.

Source: Shane Trejo

America Last conservatives and libertarians are coalescing around Big Tech entities like Amazon, which have consolidated power massively throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns.

They became triggered after New York Post editor Sohrab Ahmari published an op/ed bemoaning the “new normal” of atomization and isolation during Christmas. In a tweet, he took a shot at Big Tech for being the prime beneficiary of the collapse of the West as the masses succumb to fear and cowardice.

“Never again can we allow Big Tech and mega-corporations to push us into techno-remote living, an ­atomized existence in which the joy of human contact is replaced by faces on screens and empty Amazon boxes,” Ahmari wrote.

This really offended conservatives and libertarians who are happy to surrender their faith, their family and their nation to soulless corporate giants. This includes “Never Trump” hack Jonah Goldberg, who was run out of the National Review during the Trump years due to lack of talent.

This prompted Koch whore Robby Soave, the effete cosmopolitan scribbler at Reason Magazine, to bow before Big Tech for giving him so much content to consume throughout the pandemic:

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