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Source: Shepard Ambellas

Man films nearly empty typically busy hospital during height of COVID surge exposing “the lie” that’s being echoed to the general public By Shepard Ambellas – December 21, 2020

Government and mainstream media talking heads have been pushing the narrative that a reemergence of the COVID-19 virus has caused a surge in patients at hospitals across the United States. However, nothing could be further from the truth as many U.S. hospitals remain virtual ghost towns even though the media is claiming otherwise.

Video footage allegedly captured at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus Sunday by user TikTok and Twitter user @DPotcner reveals, if authentic, that hospital patient traffic appears to remain low during the ‘pandemic.’

“As you all can see here the hospital is empty — there is no COVID patients — the place is completely empty — this hospital is empty — no one is here…,” the man capturing the bombshell footage explained in the video. “Huge hospital center, guys — look no one’s here!”

Contrary to video footage captured by @DPotcner, the website reports that “Fairfax Health District reported 914 new COVID-19 cases today (Monday), a new single-day record for the district, which encompasses the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church as well as Fairfax County.” The report goes to show how both the government and media are hyping the hysteria.Related:  Tom Cruise becomes COVID commando, threatens to fire Mission Impossible film crew: Report

A second video shot from inside the hospital reveals the lack of COVID admissions during the lockdown era.

“You guys are being lied to — there is nobody here this hospital is empty the man said. “There is nobody here because there are no sick people.”

The curious camera-wielding man questioned a hospital staffer and a security guard while filming but both declined to answer any questions on camera regarding the hospital’s capacity.

In a third video the rather diligent citizen journalist questions “the lie.”

Security could be seen chasing the man off of the property in a fourth video as the man shouted in frustration.

“You are the last thing from a hero is you don’t speak up about the truth… you are all cowards!”

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