Source: Jim Hoft

So are we talking Georiga, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania?
It could be any of them, right?

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne dropped a teaser on Twitter on New Year’s Day.

According to Patrick he learned this morning, on New Year’s Day, that he learned something very important this morning from a certified forensic document examiner about certain ballots in certain counties in a certain state. Byrne says they are going to lynch every politician involved in this scheme. Starting with a certain governor and Secretary of State.

Patrick followed up that the information must go through the lawyers before it is released.

January 1 would be a TERRIFIC DAY to start proving the extensive fraud in the 2020 election!

It could involve the ballots in Fulton County Georgia that were expected to be checked out this week?

However, those ballots may have been tampered with.

Whatever it is, they better release it soon!