Antifa attack Portland police officers with commercial-grade fireworks and firebombs. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Kitty Boomhauer)

Source: Bob Price

Portland Police Bureau officials report Antifa rioters attacked their officers with commercial-grade fireworks and firebombs during a New Year’s Eve incident. The rioters also attacked the federal courthouse and multiple downtown businesses.

Antifa rioters threw at least two Molotov cocktail-style firebombs and launched multiple commercial-grade fireworks at Portland police as they attempted to defend the downtown business district and the federal courthouse, officials said in a written statement. The rioters also attacked police officers with bricks, large rocks, and frozen water bottles.

Following the attacks, police declared the demonstration a riot and ordered the anarchists to disperse. Antifa rioters refused to comply.

Multiple attacks on the police forced them into retreat, independent journalist Andy Ngo reported.

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