Here we go again.

Source: National File

While results are still coming in, and no candidates have secured a clear victory, the state of Georgia has already experienced several of the same or similar troubling developments that led to credible accusations of widespread voter fraud during the November 3 election.

To start, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claimed that Dominion machines in one Republican stronghold broke. Raffensperger said that law enforcement was en route with new equipment.

President Donald Trump, and many others, said that the issue was far more widespread than one location.

As the night went on, Raffensperger then allowed Democrat strongholds to keep their polls open beyond 7 p.m. This happened at the request of the Democrat Party and was fulfilled by the Secretary of State.

Similarly, according to Raffensperger, the overwhelming number of mail-in votes – of which Stacey Abrams claims she secured 1 million – will mean the full results are not known until at least 3 a.m. at the earliest, and a “couple of days” at the longest.

Additionally, Republican poll watchers claim, as happened in virtually all battleground states on November 3, that they are being thrown out of polling stations or simply not allowed in.

At present, at least one NBC contributor has already called one of the races for the Democrat.

It remains unclear if Republican leadership – who have repeatedly ignored and belittled President Donald Trump’s crusade against voter fraud – will now take these accusations seriously.