There are several bombshells in the press release and recording we received yesterday, but arguably the biggest of them all is that President Obama may have orchestrated the resistance against President Trump from its beginning until now.

Obama Renzi

Source: JD Rucker

A press release. An accompanying article from Italy. An interview of the head of a government accountability non-profit. All three of these things combined to form a narrative that could have come from the latest best-selling political thriller. But this is real life, and if the evidence proves this out to be credible, then the attempted theft of the 2020 election is even bigger than most realize.

According to Maria Strollo Zack, founder of government accountability non-profit Nations In Action, it was then-President Barack Obama in the waning days of his administration who set the ball—and the funding—in motion to execute a subversion campaign against the Trump administration. He is allegedly also involved in the funding and coordination of actions reportedly taken by leaders in the Italian government and defense contractor Leonardo SpA to execute a stolen election for former-Vice President Joe Biden. According to a Twitter thread by election-fraud data cataloguer Kanekoa:

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