Pray for America. Pray for a miracle. Man’s failure can only be reversed by God.

Source: JD Rucker

The MOAB. The “Mother Of All Bombshells.” It’s out there, somewhere. Perhaps it’s the “Italy connection” if that manifests more fully in time. Perhaps it’s something we aren’t expecting. Perhaps the adversaries covered their tracks too well in a plot that has been in the works since before President Trump was inaugurated. We don’t know what it is or if it will come, but we do know two things for sure.

The first is that if it comes in time, it will be an absolute miracle. We’ve done everything possible through the works of man to expose this coup. There have been mistakes along the way, but I’m convinced that even if we made zero mistakes, filed all the right lawsuits, broadcast all of the damning evidence to as many people as possible, we still would not have been successful. The coordination between Democrats, Big Tech, mainstream media, many if not most Republican lawmakers, and foreign forces was so masterful, we never had a chance.

After all, we’ve seen plenty of bombshells that, individually, should have swayed the election results. Combined, it was an evidential motherload. The evidence was overwhelming, which is why people like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell were so confident for the first month and a half following the election. I don’t believe it was a show. I believe they looked at the evidence and based on their experience they thought there was no way the fraudulent election results would stand. We’ve seen elections overturned with much less evidence in hand. But as state legislatures failed to act, as courts failed to listen, and as Congress sat by and watched it all happen like passive observers, hopes started to dim.

If the MOAB does come in time, then all of our failures were good things. If they had been successful, then it could be argued that men, not God, saved this country from the fate we seem to be facing. Following President Trump’s apparent concession speech, it will be crystal clear that if the MOAB drops and corrects the election before Inauguration Day, then only the most ardent atheist can claim that it wasn’t divinity moving to make it happen.

The second thing we know is that the Supreme Court is the only government body that can still act. We’ve exhausted our constitutional moves through state legislatures (more on them later), Congress, the electors, and the presiding officer over the joint session of Congress. The only move left is the one that few have seen as a possibility for the last month.

If the MOAB drops, then it will be possible for the Supreme Court to step in and declare the electors null and void. But that would only happen if the MOAB is absolutely humongous. Data analysis won’t cut it. If it could, we would have already seen movement. Affidavits won’t cut it, either. The biggest voter fraud affidavit was filed this week in Italy, and as damning as it was, there is zero chance it alone can make anything happen with the election.

We need something huge. Okay, so we’ve had plenty of huge bombshells such as the Georgia video, the Antrim County voter machine forensic audit, and the Pennsylvania data analysis, among others. Clearly, these bombshells weren’t strong enough to penetrate whatever demonic shielding is covering the state legislatures, Congress, the judiciary, and the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans.

Whatever the MOAB is, it will have to be unambiguous. It will have to be so huge that mainstream media would look like the complicit fools that they are if they didn’t cover it. Big Tech would lose credibility with moderates and even many leftists if they covered it up. Even Democrats would only be able to save face by acknowledging the profound nature of the MOAB. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would become anathema in public life. That’s the degree of a bombshell we’d need, and only God can provide it.

And if He does, then we go back to the state legislatures who failed to act before the January 6th joint session of Congress. They cannot anything alone anymore as their certified electors have already been counted, but if the MOAB drops then they can file suit to reverse their electors. That is what would need to happen to get the cases quickly to the Supreme Court. Hopefully now, you understand why everything that we perceive so far as bombshells won’t be enough. It needs to be so clear, even Chief Justice John Roberts couldn’t deny it.

If something corrects the results of the election before January 20th, we must praise God for the miracle. Until then, we must pray that it comes. Man has failed as man is wont to do, but His plan will not fail. Let’s hope His plan includes a miracle to save America.