Source: Brad Slager

Their rush to punish could become their own undoing.

In the climate change fiasco of a film ‘’The Day After Tomorrow’’ we are presented with a number of ridiculous premises. One, in particular, came to mind this weekend with the oppressive acts we saw emanating from Silicon Valley. In a later scene a weather system descends on New York, delivering a massive drop in temperature in a matter of seconds, so frigid that it manages to freeze a helicopter in mid-air. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character sees this frosty threat and runs to get back to a safe room where there is a fireplace burning, racing through hallways that become encrusted with ice.

Yes, they actually staged that. It was a chase scene — with cold.

Dumb as that premise was we actually felt something similar this weekend, in a manner that had nothing to do with the environment. The rapid way the technology sector was able to reach out and silence major figures and outlets in one day was not just chilling, but a rapid attack to freeze out opposition voices.

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