BREAKING: AntiFa Used Filming Of Netflix Series With Agitator John Sullivan (And Brother) To Infiltrate Rally Crowd And Attack Capital

Source: CD Media Staff

The adoptive father of BLM Capital Hill riot agitator John Sullivan was disciplined by the U.S. Air Force for sending nuclear weapons parts to Taiwan, the Republic of China.

Maj. General Kevin J. Sullivan retired from the Air Force after the incident.

Saying he could not ignore the “breaches of trust that occurred on their watch,” Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley laid out what in some cases were career-ending punishments Thursday for six Air Force generals, reported NBC News in 2008.

The officers are mainly in logistical jobs and were involved to some degree in the mistaken shipment to Taiwan of four electrical fuses for ballistic missile nuclear warheads in 2006. The error did not become known until this past March.

[USAF Chief of Staff} Schwartz, who met with each of the Air Force generals personally, said that while the officers were not accused of any intentional wrongdoing, they “did not do enough to carry out their leadership responsibilities for nuclear oversight. “For that they must be held accountable.”

He became an associate at joined Dayton Aerospace, a defense industry and Pentagon consulting firm, as an associate the next year.