Source: Jim Hoft

Democrats are preparing the US Capitol for the inauguration of Joe Biden this week.
And already the statement they and their allies are making to the American people is that “we fear you” and “we will crush any dissent.”

In the days leading up to the Biden inaugural, the nation’s capital has been turned into an occupied military zone like Baghdad. In fact, there are more US troops in the nation’s capital today than in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan combined.

Armed US troops authorized to use lethal force are manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C. Green Zone and and Red Zone perimeters have been established. Several bridges into the city from neighboring Virginia are scheduled to be closed next week for the inaugural

And now they are putting up CCTV cameras so they can spy on the people they don’t trust.

What are they so afraid of? Getting caught on the steal?

We are moving into a new totalitarian rule in our country.
And they said Trump was the tyrant?