“Where were you a month ago?”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

On Fake President Joe Biden’s first day in office, Amazon offered to help his administration speed up the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines, prompting questions as to why this didn’t happen under Trump.

“Amazon stands ready to assist you in reaching your goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of your administration,” Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s consumer unit, wrote on Wednesday in a letter to Biden.

The company also requested that Biden move its 800,000 US employees up the priority list when it comes to taking the vaccine and noted that Amazon distribution centers are ready to be used as vaccination administering sites.

Given Amazon’s globally recognized efficiency in logistics, this prompted many to wonder why the offer wasn’t made at some point before a total of 400,000 Americans had died from the virus.

“Amazon suddenly offered to help the Biden Administration with the rollout of the vaccine… because “Orange man bad” was more important than caring for fellow Americans,” remarked Tim Young.

“Amazon was working with the CDC / Task Force to help with vaccine distribution during the Trump admin,” tweeted another respondent. “It finally finished and was ready to announce the help, but they waited for Biden to be inaugurated. So Biden could take credit.”

“Amazon is now offering China Joe help to get the vaccine out to America. So, in other words, Amazon chose to let Americans die instead of doing this during the Trump Admin,” commented another user.

“Where were you a month ago?” asked another.

This isn’t the first time that potentially vital developments in fighting COVID-19 were delayed with no other apparent reason other than to make Donald Trump look bad.

Nancy Pelosi was accused of deliberately delaying a COVID-19 relief bill for months in order to help Biden.

A biotech sector expert was one of many to also speculate that Pfizer deliberately delayed the announcement and release of its coronavirus vaccine until after the election so as to harm Trump’s chances.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Trump were embroiled in an on-off feud since 2015 and the clear majority of Amazon political donors favor Democrats.