Source: Niamh Harris

Fake President Joe Biden warned of a deepening economic crisis in America just 24 hours after he destroyed thousands of jobs during his first day in office.

After his boring inauguration, Biden was ushered into the Oval Office where he signed several anti-American executive orders including the termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of Trump’s border wall construction. reports: Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

Canceling the Trump border wall will cost 10,000 jobs.

That’s a total of 52,100 jobs lost in his first 8 hours in office.

Biden also suspended new oil/gas leasing on federal lands and water.

According to Congressman Kevin Brady (T-TX) if Biden’s war on gas and oil is permanent, 120,000 Texas jobs will be lost.

120,000 more jobs lost in Texas!

After proudly destroying tens of thousands of jobs in two days in the middle of a pandemic, Joe Biden warned of a deepening economic crisis.

Biden looked totally lost and sounded exhausted.

This is the guy who supposedly got 81 million votes…sure.