Joe Biden Is NOT The President Elect! The Mainstream Media ...

Source: R Murray – Nworeport

1-27-2021 will marked Biden’s 1 week in office. Let’s take a look at the Biden/Harris administration —

  • A loss of 52,100 jobs in oil.
  • Ended energy independence for the United States.
  • Canada and Texas are suing Biden.
  • Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.
  • Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there 🙄 and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies 🍪
  • Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his “progressive” transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls.
  • Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.
  • Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress.
  • A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.
  • A complete halt on the $2000 stimulus program he promised.
  • He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.
  • He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.
  • Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid
  • $1.6 billion in gross wages lost.
    And JUST TODAY – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait.
    Gas is up 50 cents a gallon here since election day based on speculation. $1.89 here at most gas stations on election day. Now $2.39.
    Everything they’ve done in THREE DAYS has benefitted other countries and hurt Americans.

But HEY, at least Biden hasn’t tweeted mean words. And, we have a woman Vice President.