Source: Jim Hoft

Trump supporter and “My Pillow” founder Mike Lindell hired Gawker-killing attorney Charles Harder to go after The Daily Mail after a salacious hit piece was written about him having an affair with a woman named Jane Krakowski, someone he’s never met.

The Daily Mail described his alleged affair with the woman in the West Village and the Hamptons, two places he’s never been to.

On Monday Mike Lindell spoke with Steve Bannon on The War Room about his court case against The Daily Mail.

Mike Lindell: I’ve started a lawsuit against The Daily Mail… we’re going to serve them in about an hour. And I’m not going for just a retraction, I’m going for the damage they did to my Lindell Recovery Network where they’re involved with addiction and all these lies they told when I was never, I never met the woman. I’ve never been in the West Village. I’ve never been to the Hamptons. I learning what media outlets can do to hurt people and just make stuff up.