Trump Supporters Have To Use Economic Power

Source: CD Media Staff

The most robust strength Trump (actually America First) supporters have is their numbers. A dedicated movement 80 million strong has real economic power.

America First supporters must use this power to reclaim the republic.

It can and will work but it will require dedication, a loss of some convenience, and economic sacrifice.

Some people are on a fixed-budget, and this will be difficult. However, we must try as much as we can to not give money to those who want to destroy us and our nation. Just think of yourself as in the landing craft storming the beaches at Normandy.

This is a recent conversation we had with a reader…

Since before the plandemic, I closed my Amazon account and committed to buying American made only…even if it costs 10x as much as Chinese made products. It’s my belief that if we are going to properly combat the DNC/CCP, we need to put our money where our mouth is. For example, I saw a workout mat at a friends house and liked it. Did some research and found that it is made in Colorado. Yes, it costs more than most workout mats on Amazon and you can even buy this mat in Amazon but the best thing to do is buy it off their website instead of Amazon and of course not buy some Chinese made mat for cheaper.

People just need to stick to it

It’s very tempting to buy the computer monitor wall mount made in China on Amazon for $34 vs doing some difficult research and buying one from an American company that costs $300. I know because I bought the American made one.

But, the American one will last forever. The Chinese-made mount will fall apart in days.

We all know this, but we buy the cheaper one anyway. This has to stop.

CDMedia will be developing a registrar of America First companies for reference and will be releasing a constantly updated list in the coming days.

As the Americans who died on the 9/11 flight to Washington, DC said as they stormed the cockpit…

“Let’s roll…”