Source: Jim Hoft

CNN published a hit piece Wednesday on outspoken freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia.

Democrats and their media are very upset with Marjorie Taylor Greene after she introduced articles of impeachment against corrupt pervert Joe Biden last week following his virtual inauguration.

According to CNN Rep. Greene “liked” Facebook comments that threatened crooked Democrats and FBI operatives.

Greene, who represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, frequently posted far-right extremist and debunked conspiracy theories on her page, including the baseless QAnon conspiracy which casts former President Donald Trump in an imagined battle against a sinister cabal of Democrats and celebrities who abuse children.

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In one post, from January 2019, Greene liked a comment that said “a bullet to the head would be quicker” to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In other posts, Greene liked comments about executing FBI agents who, in her eyes, were part of the “deep state” working against Trump.

If Democrats had hoped Rep. Greene was your typical wilting Republican and would cower in a corner, they would be wrong.

Following the report today Rep. Greene went on a tear hitting back at her liberal critics.

Marjorie did NOT hold back.
Responding to crooked FBI agent Peter Strzok–

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