Failure of Democrat governance.

Source: Richard Moorhead

Murder rates in major American cities surged in record levels in 2020, with the year’s Black Lives Matter street riots and the coronavirus epidemic fueling a spike in violent crime unseen since the early 1990’s.

All of the major US cities beset by the increase in crime are governed by Democrats. Analysis of 57 cities by New Orleans-based crime analyst Jeff Asher reveals that murder rates have surged in 51. 37 of the cities saw their yearly murder rates surge by more than 30% in 2020, a single-year increase in homicides that may be unprecedented in American history. Crime rates have declined since the mid-1990’s, with the advent of 21st century surveillance technology and public demand for incarceration of violent offenders at the time.

More analysis by Forbes shows a mammoth increase in yearly homicides in many troubled cities, including several major left-wing cities that saw increases of more than 50%. Portland and Seattle have become known for their culture of far-left political violence in the year, a phenomenon that accompanies 52% and 74% increases in homicides respectively.

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The increase in homicides appears to have coincided closely with the rise of the Black Lives Matter street terror movement, which effectively neutered law enforcement practices in many of the troubled cities in question.

An onslaught of violent crime may very well prove to be a pressing point of American political discourse in the coming years. White-collar Democrats have hoped that urban degeneration and rising crime will be swept under the rug now that Trump is out of office, but history suggests it won’t be so easy.

The election of pro-jailbreak prosecutors such as George Gascón of Los Angeles suggests that soft-on-crime policies aren’t going anywhere, and that the voting base of major metro areas want clemency for violent offenders. This in turn leads to an exodus of citizens who want robust criminal justice systems.

The neoliberal preference for cities as the ideal civil structure may be seriously challenged in the coming years, with many Americans seeking to move out of major metros and even suburbs for rural and decentralized areas of the country.