The Curious Career Path Of GA's Dominion Overseer And Trump Hater Gabe Sterling

Source: CD Media Staff

GA’s Dominion voting machine overseer Gabe Sterling, who has been outspoken in his contempt for former President Trump, and accused the Trump legal team of lying about accusations of election fraud, seems to have some ‘alternative facts’ on his resume.

More than a month ago, Sterling warned that “someone’s going to get shot” due to the Trump-inflamed conspiracy theories, wrote NPR.

CDMedia has been informed that Sterling shows he attended the University of GA from 1988-1993 on his LinkedIn biography. There are multiple references in the press of Sterling graduating from UGA in 1993. However, CDMedia confirmed with the university that Sterling only graduated in 2001.

This information should make Sterling’s credibility on calling others a liar, well…suspect.