Source: Cristina Laila

Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stripped several hundred appointees of their posts on Pentagon advisory boards over the weekend.

The secretary’s goal was to purge the department of Trump loyalists who were appointed to various advisory boards at the last minute.

Lloyd Austin also called for an “immediate suspension” of all committee operations while the Pentagon conducts a review of 42 advisory committees.

“Advisory committees have and will continue to provide an important role in shaping public policy within [the Department of Defense],” Lloyd Austin said in his memo to the department. “That said, our stewardship responsibilities require that we continually assess to ensure each advisory committee provides appropriate value today and in the future, as times and requirements change.”

Reuters reported:

New Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has stripped several hundred appointees of their posts on Pentagon advisory boards, a number of whom took office at the end of President Donald Trump’s administration, two U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

The appointees include Anthony Tata, a former acting senior defense official who in 2018 called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader” and was placed on the Defense Policy Board on Jan. 19, the last full day of the Trump administration.

The two U.S. Defense Department officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Austin would be asking hundreds of members on the 42 different boards to leave by Feb. 16. The cost of running the boards could be in the millions of dollars, one of the officials said.