Source: Joe Martino

In Brief

  • The Facts:A simple technique you can do on yourself with very little practice has the ability to help you regulate your emotions, tone down stress, fear, and anxiety, and bring you emotional and physical freedom.
  • Reflect On:Do you know what holds you back from experiencing peace and freedom in your life? Are you currently doing anything to help move beyond those things?

It was March 2014 and I was days away from having to get on a plane to fly to New York City to give my TEDx talk. I was nervous because I wasn’t used to public speaking on that sort of stage and to be downright honest, I didn’t want to f*ck it up.

I sought out the help of a friend who introduced me to EFT or ‘tapping,’ a self help technique that can help you immediately reduce the charge of an emotion, pain or feeling that’s draining your energy or making you feel stressed.  I went into the session with her pretty damn nervous and with a pit in my stomach about what I had to do in a few days. Then came the tapping. Within 20 minutes of going through the technique, I was chilled out and no longer nervous.

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