Source: Jim Hoft

Bruce Castor, the attorney leading former President Trump’s defense in his upcoming impeachment trial, joined KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia to discuss the upcoming trial next week in the US Senate.

Castor told KYW that the entire impeachment proceeding against private citizen Donald Trump is illegitimate, a “legal nullity.”

“The Senate doesn’t have jurisdiction over a private citizen in an impeachment because the Constitution says the only remedy for impeaching a person is removal from office, and if that’s the only remedy, and President Trump no longer holds office, then the entire proceeding is a legal nullity because it can’t happen, it would be almost the equivalent of the President having died – they can’t remove him from office because he simply is unable to be removed because he’s not there.”

“At some point in this country we have to recognize that people are responsible for their own actions, and the President deplores the violence at the Capitol, and those people should be punished, aggressively as I would have done as if I was the DA and they did it at the Montgomery County courthouse. But just because somebody gave a speech and people got excited, it doesn’t mean it’s the speechmaker’s fault, it’s the people who got excited and did what they know is wrong.”