Reporter brags about double masking while dobbing in 20,000 football fans

Source: steve Watson

In a segment that was so cringe it could have been mistaken for parody, a CNN correspondent covering the Super Bowl this past weekend freaked out about being among a crowd of people, and attempted to call the police on everyone who wasn’t wearing a face mask.

Reporter Randi Kaye looked scared shitless about being among football fans in Tampa Sunday, immediately noting that she had ‘double-masked’ because many in attendance were not “taking all the precautions that have been recommended.”

“There are a lot of people here. Some of them are just hanging out at tables,” Kaye complained.

The horror.

“They’re not all from the same party obviously or are from the same family, which is what officials recommend, but they are outside,” the reporter continued to whine.

Kaye continued, “This is a huge amount of people, hundreds of people in the street. And you can see most of them are not even wearing masks. We’re also told that they were on the dance floors in a lot of these clubs and the dance floors right now during the pandemic are supposed to actually be closed.”

Kaye-ren then admitted that she had become so freaked out that she had called the police and asked them what they were going to do about it.

“I gave a call to Tampa Police to ask them what’s going on with all these people that are out and about and not wearing masks because there is a mask mandate in the City of Tampa while this pandemic is underway and during this time of the game there,” she whinged.

“You’re supposed to be wearing a mask if you’re anywhere near Raymond James Stadium, if you’re in a bar or a restaurant or anywhere in one of these event or entertainment areas. And you can see from the pictures and the video that we have that people are just not paying much attention to that mask mandate,” Kaye urged.

She continued, “They are supposed to be fined up to $500.00. So I asked the Tampa Police, how many citations have been issued? What do you want to say in response to this? What’s being done about it?”

The police didn’t bother responding to her frothing.

However, on Monday Tampa Mayor Jane Castor vowed that maskless fans would be “identified” and punished accordingly:

Many pointed out that Castor’s stance was completely hypocritical given that she was pictured at the game not bothering with a mask herself: