These photos were taken on board Lolita Express.

Source: Richard Moorhead

A new photo of pedophile oligarch Jeffrey Epstein shows the now-deceased billionaire directly holding someone who was likely trafficked in Epstein’s pedo ring operation.

The photo shows Epstein himself holding someone who appears to be a minor. Epstein’s contact with the minor appears suspicious, even by more relaxed standards of personal conduct around children in 2004.

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The Daily Mail, which obtained the material last week, indicates that the photo was taken aboard Epstein’s infamous private plane- the so-called “Lolita Express-” as the billionaire was departing from Walt Disney World in Florida.

Virginia Giuffre, a woman who was trafficked and sexually abused by the pedophile oligarch, spoke of personally knowing the name of the minor being held in the picture following its release. Giuffre indicated that she had been threatened not to identify the minor in question, who she suggests was a victim of Epstein.

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