Source: Joe Hoft

We now have at least four methods Democrats used to steal the 2020 election.

Now we have at least four patterns of fraud that the Democrats used to steal the 2020 election. The recent activity uncovered in New Hampshire is consistent with what we reported in November.  Back then we identified patterns in the election results that were basically impossible.

1. Pennsylvania Absentee Ballots

The first method we identified was in Pennsylvania where President Trump crushed it on Election Day.  On Election Day the President won nearly two times the number of votes as Biden with roughly 2 million for President Trump and only 1 million for Biden.  Next, the Democrats began counting absentee ballots that came in late and were counted with no Republican poll watchers present.  After a couple of days, Biden was ahead and the Democrats were done counting.

When reviewing these results we found that for nearly every county in the state, the percentage of absentee votes for President Trump was 40% less than the percentage of votes the President won on Election Day.  If the President won 80% of the vote in a county on Election Day, he only won 40% of the absentee vote.  If he won 60% of Election Day votes, he only won 20% of the absentee votes.  This pattern was virtually impossible:

2. Michigan Results

Next, we uncovered a report from Dr. Shiva out of Massachusetts.  He uncovered another pattern that was impossible.  When he looked at the results of four Michigan Counties, he uncovered a pattern that was impossible.  In a review of precincts in four counties, Dr. Shiva uncovered that the number of votes stolen from President Trump and given to Joe Biden increased proportionately as the county became more Republican.  This increase was a pattern and which again was theoretically impossible:

We discussed his numbers and some of our observations in a presentation in November with Dr. Shiva:

3. The Drop and Roll

We next found across numerous states a pattern we labeled the ‘Drop and Roll’.  After large chunks of ballots, almost exclusively for Biden were dropped, the remaining votes were recorded at the same proportion of Biden to Trump for nearly every ballot entry after the drop.  This too was impossible:

4. Subtracting Votes from Republican Candidates

Yesterday we reported on ballots being stolen from Republican candidates in New Hampshire. This method was simple. The Democrats just stole 300 votes or 6% of the total votes from each Republican candidate, stealing the election for the Democrats:

Democrats stole the election in every way possible.  It was the only way they could win.  They stole the 2020 election.