Source: Jim Hoft

Trump attorney Michael Van der Veen is the founder of the Philadelphia law firm and is best known for his local radio ads in Philadelphia.

Van der Veen specializes in personal injury and has led a number of high-profile cases.

On Friday and Saturday Michael van der Veen destroyed the House Impeachment managers and their pile of lies and fraudulent evidence they used in their case against President Donald Trump.

Van der Veen came up with the win against the Democrat team led by lying hack Jamie Raskin.

Following his historic loss, Rep. Raskin told reporters the loss was actually a win.
Then he accused Republicans of being a cult.

What a class act.
Via The Washington Times:

“If we had charged dereliction of duty, [Republicans] would have said, ‘That’s not an impeachable offense. You’ve got to deal with that within the military system. The president is not bound by the code of universal military justice, the Uniform Code of Military Justice,’ and so on,” Mr. Raskin said. “You can always come up with a lawyer’s argument to get to where you want to go.”

Mr. Raskin added that he had no regrets and said the Republicans who voted not to convict acted “like members of a religious cult [who], when they leave office, should be selling flowers at Dulles Airport.”