To decide “a common narrative for what we want our country to be”

Source: Steve Watson

In the wake of President Trump’s acquittal, a Democratic Congresswoman reiterated calls for a ‘Truth Commission’ Sunday, claiming that America needs “a common narrative moving forward of what we want our country to be”.

California Democrat Sara Jacobs made the comments on CNN’s creepy clown show with Brian Stelter, describing the need for a “reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past.

“There’s something very broken in our democracy” Jacobs declared, adding that the “far right media” and a social media “ecosystem” is to blame.

Jacobs further proclaimed that “leaders take existing fault lines in society, in our case white supremacy and racial injustice, and mobilize around them using the enabling environment of our media ecosystem and our lack of trust and decreasing trust in our institutions.”

“You know, a truth commission, a lot of people will think of South Africa. We’ve used them in countries around the world,” Jacobs stated while touting the deranged idea.

Jacobs’ call for a truth commission follows a recent call in the New York Times for Joe Biden to appoint a “reality czar” to debunk “disinformation,” a notion that many pointed out conjures up the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984.